What Kind of Church Are We?

We are an independent, nondenominational church. Our roots are found in the Restoration Movement which began in the 1800’s.  Men like Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander and Barton W. Stone sought unity among all Christians and a church patterned after the New Testament church.

Our desire is to be a church that lives out the commandments and example of the New Testament Church.  We are a small part of God’s church around the world.  We desire unity with all believers on essential Christian doctrine and liberty on matters of opinion.  We believe that love is vital in all things and at all times.

We seek to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as Christ has loved us.  We regularly support a variety of local and world missions all seeking to do the same.  We also support our community through a food pantry and donated furniture and clothing.  Our prayer is that God will use us to transform as many lives as possible to follow and become like Christ.  We hope you’ll join us in our mission.  For more information contact us here.